Dubai Offshore

Dubai Offshore

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An offshore company setup Dubai can be owned by individuals or enterprises that do not carry business in its country of origin. One of the main reasons for offshore company formation in Dubai is that it has complete confidentiality over financial matters.

The offshore company registration remains lucrative due to tax benefits, bank account opening in the UAE, international exposure, etc.

Salient features of an offshore company setup Dubai:

• The offshore company has no obligations to maintain its books and records.
• There is no need for a shareholder to be physically available
• No need to obtain a UAE visa
• No need to carry business within the UAE
• There is no need for physical office space

Activities that can be carried out by an Offshore company formation in Dubai:

• Advisory services
• Shareholding companies
• Consulting services
• General trading
• International and professional services
• Owning property

【 Benefits 】

• Low-cost setup of your international business entity.
• Quick and fast company registration
• 100% foreign ownership and duty exemptions available
• Taxation benefits
• No minimum capital requirement
• Multi-currency bank accounts
• No foreign currency restrictions

Regulations for offshore companies registered in the UAE:

• Cannot do business in the Mainland UAE
• No provisions for importing goods into the UAE market
• No leasing of office space, commercial premises or residence visa for stakeholders