Abu Dhabi Freezone Company Formation

Abu Dhabi Freezone Company Formation

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Abu Dhabi the capital of UAE is enhancing the development of various types of business industries, it has the necessary infrastructure and services which results in an increase in Abu Dhabi Free Zone company formation. It attracts tourists from all over the world.

Abu Dhabi is the richest in the Emirate. It is also increasing the growth of small and medium enterprises in the area. Economic stability, tax incentives, healthcare policies, etc are a few reasons for business setup in Free Zones in Abu Dhabi.

The government has also taken initiatives that attract both local and foreign investors. Conducting the world's major event Dubai Expo 2020 and the increase in tourism are a few of the major reasons for the increase in Abu Dhabi Free Zone company formation

【 Benefits 】

• 100% foreign ownership
• Taxation benefits
• Simplified incorporation process
• Business-friendly legal framework
• Quick access to the skilled process
• Excellent infrastructure facilities

Major Free Zones in Abu Dhabi

Twofour54 Free Zone

Twofour54 Yas Island is a business hub for local, regional, and international media companies. It aims to create a platform for the development of Arabic media and entertainment. Setting up a business in Twofour54 free zone provides full foreign ownership, tax benefits and on-site media training for media professionals. It also helps in building networking and provides business opportunities.

Masdar City Free Zone

Masdar City Free Zone is a global hub for clean technologies and renewable energy. It is mainly for companies that have operations and manufacturing in energy and future green technology products. It provides top-notch business facilities and a business-friendly environment for entrepreneurs and also provides world-class facilities of infrastructure for tech companies.

Kizad Free Zone Abu Dhabi

Kizad Free Zone Abu Dhabi also known as Khalifa Industrial Free Zone is one of the best options entrepreneurs can opt for business setup in Abu Dhabi. It provides taxation benefits, 100% foreign ownership, hassle-free banking facility, strategic location and attracts major investors.