Dubai Freezone Company Formation

Dubai Freezone Company Formation

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With the growing economy in UAE, the Dubai government has introduced Dubai Freezone Company Formation. Dubai Free Zone are zones designated by relevant authorities where companies can be 100% foreign-owned and they don't require a 51% local partner ownership.

Entrepreneurs who chose Dubai Freezone company formation are allowed to work in the UAE and run their operations in the free zones where the company is registered.

Today in Dubai alone there are more than 20 free economic zones each of them was established to serve the needs of a particular industry.

Types of free zone licenses in Dubai


The trading License in Dubai Free Zone is easiest to obtain compared to other business licenses. It is for companies dealing with general trading or a specialized trading activity.


Companies engaged in manufacturing, producing, fabricating, or indulged in any other special activity, needs to obtain an Industrial License.


Trading all types of goods, with an exemption on a few banned products needs special approval with this type of license


Companies dealing in activities like consulting, accounting, etc can apply for service licenses for company formation in Dubai Free Zone.

Major Free Zones in Dubai we work closely with


One of the largest business communities in the region, JAFZA Dubai caters to the requirements of all companies regardless of size, industry, or sector. Business in JAFZA has a single point of contact that handles all administration, documentation, and applications, allowing companies to focus on their operations and begin their business with ease and speed. Jebel Ali Free Zone offers a wide range of facilities that are perfect for the present and flexible for future enterprises.


Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC) is by far by one of the most reputable free zones in Dubai. It is one of the best areas where you could register your company. DMCC free zone is home to the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange and also to the Dubai Diamond Exchange. It also accommodates tea and coffee centers, which encourages agro commodities growth. Over 14000 companies have registered in DMCC free zone.. DAFZA


Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) is one of the fastest-growing free economic zones in Dubai. It operates and manages all business licensing and registration in Dubai Airport Free Zone. DAFZA has a geographical advantage and provides excellent opportunities for businessmen. It provides 100% foreign ownership and excellent infrastructure facilities. Setting up your business in DAFZA provides tax benefits and incorporates your business at a minimal cost.

Dubai Internet City Free Zone

Dubai Internet City Free Zone (DIC) is among the initiatives of the Dubai government, to make global hub for knowledge and innovation. It is one of the best places for the IT business setup. It provides a 100% exemption of tax and also there is 100% foreign ownership.

【 Benefits of Dubai Freezone Company Formation 】

• 100% ownership of your UAE company
• Taxation benefits
• Handy office and warehouse facilities
• Secrecy of operations is maintained
• Flexibility to engage in international business
• Lesser renewal charges