Dubai LLC Companies

Dubai LLC Companies

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Dubai is probably one of the most favourable business destinations from all over the world. LLC company formation in Dubai is considered to be one of the developed entities.

You will need a local Emirati sponsor that will hold 51% shares in the company, which we will provide.

Strategic location

When it comes to the Middle East, UAE is one of the most strategic locations. It offers various opportunities to investors and helps in expanding their business activities.

Favorable Economic Policies

The UAE government provides infinite facilities to business investors like 100% foreign ownership, taxation benefits, easy business setup process, etc.

Tax benefits

In Dubai Mainland, foreign investors enjoy the privilege of various taxation benefits. Hence business setup in the Mainland is advantageous for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Pleasant business culture

Dubai Mainland has a favorable business culture, irrespective of its nature and type of business. It is one of the most favorable locations for entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Avoidance of Double Taxation

Dubai Mainland provides flexibility to business owners to enter into Double Taxation Agreement for an import-export process that provides them the benefit of tax avoidance to be paid on both sides.

Robust Network

The UAE Mainland has great Network connectivity which helps ease the transportation process.

Business entities in Dubai Mainland

Dubai Mainland provides a range of business entities to business investors:

  • Branch of a foreign office
  • Professional firms
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Public Shareholding companies
  • Representative office

How to set up a Mainland company in the UAE ?

We will help you with all the below.

  • Find a local sponsor
  • Draft the MOA &v AOA
  • Obtain approval from DED (Department of Economic Development)
  • Register the company name

1. Apply for trade license
2. Submit necessary documents and pay the fees
3. Obtain a license and start business operations